The Do-It-Yourself Escape Room Book

A practical guide to writing your own clues, designing puzzles, and creating your own challenges.

The thrill of an escape room, but in your own house and on your own terms.

Think creating a totally custom escape room on your own is too difficult? It’s not! This book has everything you need: instructions on setup, decorating, themes, story, hiding places, and hundreds of specific clue and puzzle examples. With full-color photographs, lots of diagrams and pictures, and easy-to-follow text, you’ll have everything you need to create an awesome event!

Who is this book for?

Party hosts

Hosting a party and looking for an idea that’s new and unique? An at-home escape room is perfect! With the help of this book, you can completely customize your game to the theme, difficulty, and style you choose.

Escape room enthusiasts

You’ve already done all the escape rooms in your town with your friends, and even those in your vacation spots. It’s time to take your experience and knowledge to the next level and build your own room!


Try something totally unique in your class with a custom escape room. You can work in instruction and review information, and your students will have so much fun they might not even notice!

Church group and community leaders

When you’re getting tired of the same types of activities over and over again, shake things up with a DIY escape room. With a game designed specifically for your group, you’re sure to create an activity that’s not only fun but memorable.

Corporate planners

Escape rooms are fantastic team building activities. Design a game for your colleagues that will challenge them to think outside of the box, rely on each other, communicate, and ultimately have fun together.

People who like to have fun!

Seriously, who doesn’t like combining creativity, challenges, and teamwork? With the made-easy nature of the DIY Escape Room Book, you can put together an experience that is both fulfilling and fun—for you just as much as the players!

What's inside?

There’s so much we had to split it into two sections. The first leads you through the entire design process of creating your very own escape room, and the second section is chock-full of clue and puzzle ideas, examples, and explanations.

Part 1: Room Creation

  • Ch 1: Theme and Narrative
  • Ch 2: Room and Decorations
  • Ch 3: Creating the Puzzles
  • Ch 4: Difficulty
  • Ch 5: Hosting the Game
  • Ch 6: Escape Rooms for Children
  • Ch 7: Managing Large Groups

Part 2: Puzzle Ideas

  • Ch 8: Overview
  • Ch 9: Math and Numbers
  • Ch 10: Codes, Ciphers, Letters, and Words
  • Ch 11: Puzzles and Games
  • Ch 12: Physical Objects
  • Ch 13: Technology
  • Ch 14: Locks
  • Ch 15: Hiding Clues
  • Ch 16: Extras
  • Ch 17: Techniques

Hear what other game experts have to say:

“Jam-packed with puzzles, tips, and advice from a master escape room artist. . . . Breaks down the complicated puzzle of escape room design, letting the rest of us manage it even at home.”

— Michelle Nephew, PhD, co-owner of Atlas Games

“Great resource for the first-timer or seasoned DIY escape room builder.”

— Andy Murray, author and owner of the DIY Escape Room blog

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About the Author

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Paige Lyman

Paige Lyman is an enthusiast for games of all kinds and the founder of the website She attended Brigham Young University. She resides outside of Houston, Texas with her husband and three children.

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